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Make vocabulary lists and practice them! Depending on the learning success, the vocabulary is sorted into different levels until they reach the maximum level and are learned. If your lists are special, you can share them with the community around the world. Other users can view and download them to find and learn new words quickly and flexibly. In return, you will also receive lists that interest you. This feature makes Fluently special: instead of searching for words and creating lists yourself, you can exchange your lists with other users directly in the app.


Create vocabulary lists, mark them with the according languages and add words. Practice vocabulary to memorize and improve your knowledge.


Share lists with Fluently users or check out the new ones in the Featured, Charts and New Lists sections. There are lists for everything and everyone. Make sure to be part of it, too!


You want customization? We give you even more than that. Set your profile picture and name, track your statistics and adjust your preferences.

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